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Smiley Dental- Who we are and what we do

As the leading dental health service provider in the community of Fairhaven and nearby areas, Smiley Dental is a responsible health service establishment that believes in serving the community and helping people improve their dental and oral health. We are a dedicated team of experienced and skilled dentists who are passionate about saving people from the pain and troubles that arise from bad dental health. We are here to spread awareness about how important dental health is and how to treat dental health issues. We offer the best dental services so that people can get the best treatment for their dental woes under a budget.

Compassionate. Caring. Complete- We are your friend in need

Smiley Dental in Fairhaven was established in the year 2013, and for over a decade, our team has been shaped to be very skilled and helpful towards patients. We aim to help people around us have better health, and this includes taking care of teeth and the oral environment.
We understand we have a high level of responsibility and accountability towards the people of the community, and for the last ten years, we have been completing this duty effortlessly. Our aim is to offer the best services for people of all ages so that they do not experience pain or discomfort and get the answer to all their dental health scares under one roof. Our complete dental healthcare services are aimed at helping people recover from even the worst kind of dental health problem.

From surgery to routine checkups, cosmetic procedures targeted at the teeth and jaw, and other services, there is a lot we offer to the community of patients who trust us. With our complete range of services, we have a strong base of patients who trust our dental experts and dentists.

Our dentists have a healthy and engaging relationship with their patients where even the most minor dental health problem gets resolved

Our highly effective and rapid result services reflect the compassion and care our team has for our patient base.
Our team works with the deepest compassion and strongest work ethic, which helps us offer the best healthcare services to our patients. We also ensure that our patients are educated about their dental health needs and what to expect as they age. Most of our patients have long-standing medical relationships with our dental clinic, which helps us take complete care of their needs as they progress.
Our team of dentists aims to upskill and adapt to the technology and techniques of dental care for the betterment of their patients. Therefore, any patient who chooses to trust Smiley Dental also makes the choice of the best dental care services.

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Better facilities, Better Care

Our dental clinic has the most state-of-the-art and advanced equipment for dental care and examination. With the best patient care infrastructure, we ensure that our patients get our services in a streamlined manner and leave the facility with stronger teeth. We prioritize health risks and health precautions so that our patients can depend on us for their welfare. To ensure that all our patients get the best care possible, we also have tie-ups with insurance companies.
Our patients do not have to worry about anything when they are under our care. Our affordable dental care packages and general checkups help patients prioritize their health and take care of their teeth. If you are living in or around Fairhaven, you can visit our facility any time or book an appointment with us for your next dental care checkup to experience the services we extend at Smiley Dental. Keep trusting us, and Keep Smiling!

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