Oral Cancer Screenings

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Your oral health is our main priority at Smiley Dental Fairhaven, where we provide excellent services like thorough dentist oral cancer screening. Our devoted staff is committed to providing individualized treatment that is catered to your needs and serves the towns of Fairhaven, New Bedford, Acushnet, Mattapoisett, Dartmouth, Marion, Dartmouth, Rochester, Assonet, and surrounding locations in Massachusetts.

The Importance of Oral Cancer Screening

Anybody, regardless of age or lifestyle, can be affected by the severe illness known as oral cancer. Screenings on a regular basis are essential for preserving your general health because early diagnosis is essential to successful treatment. We can identify anomalies in their earliest stages thanks to our sophisticated screening methods, which give you peace of mind and may save lives.

Why Choose Smiley Dental Fairhaven?

  • Comprehensive Approach: We use cutting-edge equipment to detect even the most minor anomalies in our comprehensive Oral cancer screening dentist.
  • Patient-Centered Care: Our first concerns are your comfort and health. We take the time to hear your worries, respond to your inquiries, and customize our offerings to suit your specific requirements.
  • Experienced Team: You can feel secure knowing that you’re in good hands because our team of licensed dentists has received specialized training in the detection and prevention of oral cancer.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: To give you the best care possible, we make investments in the newest oral technology and apparatus to guarantee accurate and dependable screenings.
  • We are pleased to serve the towns of New Bedford, Acushnet, Mattapoisett, Dartmouth, Marion, Dartmouth, Rochester, Assonet, and more from our convenient Fairhaven location and surrounding areas, making it easy and convenient for you to access quality mouth care.

Benefits of Oral Cancer Screening

  • Early detection saves lives since oral cancer is very treatable when found early. Our comprehensive screenings improve the likelihood of early discovery, which may save lives and stop the disease’s progression.
  • Comfort: Knowing that your oral health is being attentive watched by a team of professionals who are committed to your well-being is one of the main benefits of getting regular Oral cancer screening dentist.
  • Holistic Approach: Our treatment plans take into account the needs of the entire person since we approach oral health from this perspective. Our screens find additional oral health problems that might need to be addressed in addition to cancer.
  • Educational Resources: We think that arming our patients with information is essential. We will give you educational materials and information about oral cancer prevention, risk factors, and lifestyle modifications you may make to lower your risk during your screening.
  • Collaborative Care: We will carefully collaborate with you to create a customized treatment plan in the event that an abnormality is found during your screening. We work together with other medical professionals and specialists to guarantee that you get the most excellent treatment possible at every stage.

Tips for Maintaining Oral Health

  • Maintain Good Dental Hygiene: Flossing and brushing twice a day will help ward off oral health problems, such as cancer of the mouth.
  • Reduce Your Alcohol and Tobacco Use: Two of the most significant risk factors for oral cancer are excessive alcohol use and tobacco use. Reducing your exposure to these chemicals can help you lower your risk considerably.
  • Consume a Balanced Diet: Consuming a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins helps improve general health and lower the risk of developing oral cancer.
  • Keep Up with Regular Dental Exams: Plan for routine mouth examinations and screenings to guarantee early identification of any problems and prompt treatment when they do.

Your Oral Health is Our Priority

Our goal at Smiley Dental Fairhaven is to give patients in Fairhaven, New Bedford, Acushnet, Mattapoisett, Dartmouth, Marion, Dartmouth, Rochester, Assonet, and the neighboring Massachusetts communities the best possible care. You can rely on us to protect your oral health and well-being because of our cutting-edge screening methods, knowledgeable staff, and caring demeanor. Make an appointment for your dentist oral cancer screening right now to start on the path to a healthy smile. You should be happy with your health!


To keep your teeth and gums healthy, it is important to schedule regular checkups and dental cleanings. The American Dental Association (ADA) advises adult patients to visit the dentist at least once every six months. Regular dental cleanings remove stains and plaque buildup, preventing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) connect the jaw to the skull bone. When these joints are strained, used excessively, or otherwise damaged, pain when moving the jaw or limited jaw mobility may occur. When this happens, patients are said to suffer from TMJ dysfunction or TMD.

We are happy to process and file claims for most major dental insurance providers. We are in-network with a variety of PPO benefit plans and MassHealth.

Yes. Dental decay can occur as soon as children have teeth. Dental decay progresses faster in children, so it is recommended x-rays occur on a regular basis as prescribed by the dentist.

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  • reduces risks of tooth decay and cavities
  • Reduces the risk of gum disease
  • Removes stains
  • Freshens your breath
  • Improves your overall health

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