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At Smiley Dental, we always focus on the quality of our services and try our best to make our dental health services very affordable for patients. Our long-term patients can avail themselves of our services very easily and do not have to worry about paying a lot of money for our treatments.
We understand how important it is to get dental health services on time, and so we integrate patient financing into our payments to ensure that our patients can avail of our services without much worry or hassle. At Smiley Dental, you can explore financing options and help create a smooth funnel for the delivery of dental health services.
Smiley Dental offers its services at a low and reasonable price so that people can experience better healthcare at lower costs. We take care of the financing part if a patient is unable to pay in total and needs that extra push to avail of the healthcare services we offer. We have flexible payment options for people who need immediate dentist attention but might be short on money. This model of payment is adopted by us because we believe that people should be able to access our healthcare services and make the most of them.

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We also have tie-ups with the best insurance providers in Fairhaven so people can cash in on their insurance plans and reduce their financial burden. If you do not have dental insurance, we can also help you get it in your first consultation. We help people avail of dental insurance plans at low premium payments and easy payment terms.
We also offer in-house payment plans that are flexible and adaptable to our patients. The in-house payment processes are a reflection of the trust that people have in us and our credibility. We handle all the insurance claim settlement and communication so that our patients do not worry about their payments during or after the treatment.
Our in-house payment plans come at the breakdown of the payment amount and have no interest, so people can pay in installments and easily finish their payments within a short period of time. This is in direct arrangement with our clinic in Fairhaven, so you do not have to worry about third-party providers and lenders. We take zero interest in the payments as we also care about your financial security. If you want to use our in-house payment system flexibly, you should discuss it with our patient engagement executive.

Flexibility for patients- Multiple payment options

We also offer our patients the flexibility of using different kinds of payment modes so that they can exercise their financial rights and freedom. We also have tie-ups with dental financing agencies that are reputed and have a simple approval process. These financing options are very convenient, and you will not experience any financial hassle when you opt for them. Once you have a secure dental financing option, it can be used across multiple clinics and health establishments.
We also accept cards and have payment options through multiple credit cards and debit cards. This kind of payment is easy for our regular patients, and you can complete your payment with a simple swipe.
We are a trusted dental clinic in Fairhaven, and this trust also extends to the financing and payment options that we have for our patients. Our patients have not faced any issues or complaints when financing and paying for our health services. When you come to us for dental health services, Smiley Dental will discuss all the payment options and the need for financing so your experience with us goes on smoothly.

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To keep your teeth and gums healthy, it is important to schedule regular checkups and dental cleanings. The American Dental Association (ADA) advises adult patients to visit the dentist at least once every six months. Regular dental cleanings remove stains and plaque buildup, preventing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) connect the jaw to the skull bone. When these joints are strained, used excessively, or otherwise damaged, pain when moving the jaw or limited jaw mobility may occur. When this happens, patients are said to suffer from TMJ dysfunction or TMD.

We are happy to process and file claims for most major dental insurance providers. We are in-network with a variety of PPO benefit plans and MassHealth.

Yes. Dental decay can occur as soon as children have teeth. Dental decay progresses faster in children, so it is recommended x-rays occur on a regular basis as prescribed by the dentist.

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  • reduces risks of tooth decay and cavities
  • Reduces the risk of gum disease
  • Removes stains
  • Freshens your breath
  • Improves your overall health

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